Stage Contact Customer Inactive Customer Not Customer Visitor Description Actions
Visitor 3,453 3,453 3,453 3,453 3,453
Behaviour: She has been marked by your team as a real opportunity..
Intent: She has shown interest in your offer. She is ready to commit. Are you ready to close?
Contact 34,442 34,442 34,442 34,442 34,442
Behaviour: When you have information about your visitor and you know where and how to reach them.
Intent: She has trusted you with her valuable information and is interested in hearing from you.
One Time Purchase Customer 342 342 342 342 342
She has trusted your site once give her a reason to stick around.
Loyal Customer 23 23 23 23 23
She is hooked up with your site, keep in touch and continue to cultivate a good relationship with her.
Lapsed Loyalist 424 424 424 424 424
Based on her purchase frequency, it’s highly unlikely that she will return.