Ideas for Email and On-Site Campaigns
Instant Cart Rescuer
Use exit-intent popup to recover abandoned cart instantly
Email Grabber
Email grabber lets you capture shoppers' emails before they leave permanently.
Convert Abandoners Into Customers
Convert abandoners into customers by offering them an incentive to complete their purchase.
Recover Cart Sales
Use email to nudge abandoners to return and complete their purchase.
Boost Sales with Upsell & Cross-sell Email
The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. Use email to upsell and cross-sell to your existing customers.
Welcome Email with Offer
Everyone loves a freebie. So surprise your new subscribers with a welcome offer.
Boost Mobile App Downloads with a Coupon
Create an additional touchpoint to stay connected with your subscribers by mailing them a coupon to download your mobile app.
Retain Best Customers with a Coupon
80 % of your profit comes from 20 % of your customers. Keep your existing customers coming back for more by offering them a special coupon.
Connect with Customers Personally
Send a welcome email from the founder to personally thank people for joining your email list.
Re-engage Lapsed Customers with Offer
Send lapsed customers a great offer to encourage them to buy again.
Engage Best Customers
Keep your existing customers engaged. The more they will engage, the more likely they will purchase.
Recover Returning Abandoners
When abandoners returns to your site show them a welcome back message and remind them that they've items' in cart.
Engage on Social Through Email
Send an email promoting your social media accounts to keep your new subscribers engaged across all marketing channels.
Build Relationship with a Personalized Popup
When a subscriber returns to your site show him a welcome back message along with few relevant suggestions based on their past browsing data.
Promote Your Special Offer with a Popup
Use popup to promote your special offer. Email lets you promote your special offer to your subscribers, but with popups you can even promote it to your visitors.
Capture Abandoning Visitors With A Coupon
Use exit-intent popups to offer a free coupon to abandoning visitors to convert them into subscribers.
Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers
Incentivize new customers to return to your site by offering them special coupons or discounts in emails.